The SAKAE Story

Sakae TCF Limited is a family owned clearing, forwarding and tax consulting company headquartered in Uganda. Since 2008, the company is owned and managed by John Sakwah, the founder, and two other family members.


Legal Form:

2008 Sakae TCF Limited

Limited Company



Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda



 B8, M175, MTAC Building, Jinja Road and 5 Branch offices



Core Activities:

International Clearing and Freight Forwarding services

East African overland services
Local Airfreight Services
Tax Consultancy
Freight Forwarders Trainers
Warehousing sub contracts

Customs Clearance

Sakae TCF Limited is a licensed customs brokerage firm providing the following related services:

Import customs documentation

Export customs documentation

Transit customs documentation at all entry/exit border points

Pre-project customs consulting

For efficiency and prompt service in clearing, forwarding of goods and tax consultation, Sakae TCF Limited is connected to the official Uganda Revenue Authority IT-systems, the web based ASYCUDA WORLD and E-Tax. We will soon be connected to the Simba Customs IT of Kenya Revenue Authority, which makes us one of the key players in the industry as the region moves to create the Customs Union in the East African region.

With a direct connection to the customs systems, Sakae TCF Limited is in a position to prepare, register and process customs entries from all the designated customs stations in the East African region. We have a fully-fledged customs brokerage department with competent and experienced staff based at various customs outposts.

In Uganda, Sakae TCF Limited has offices at the Kampala Customs Business Centre (CBC), at Entebbe International Airport, in Malaba and Busia (Uganda/Kenya border), in Mutukula (Uganda/Tanzania border), and in Katuna (Uganda/Tanzania border).

The good connections in Mombasa port enables Sakae TCF Limited to provide you with the best services you need!


We are closely linked to many Customs licensed bonded warehouses in Kampala, which store our clients’ goods as they await customs clearance and release.
The bonded warehouses handle import cargo for clients who are not yet ready to pay taxes/duties, or who need to break-bulk and distribute their goods in smaller quantities. It also serves contractors for the various projects who need their supplies to arrive in the country in advance but not necessarily to have them at the project site immediately. The bonded warehouse can easily handle electronics, raw materials and finished goods such as consumables (foodstuffs, beverages, spare parts, etc.)

The bonded warehouses are equipped with an efficient IT-system. This enables prompt receipt of your cargo as well as immediate ex-warehousing and release of your cargo whenever you need it.

The bonded warehouses are well equipped to handle all types of cargo efficiently, undertaking the loading / unloading of containers of all sizes and types pallet trolleys.

New Developments

A Single Customs Union, comprising of the East African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda is now in place. Apart from Kenya Revenue Authority which uses SIMBA IT system, all the other four use the ASYCUDA IT system.  However, Simba system is in the process of being made compatible with Asycuda. Sakae TCF Limited will register soon with the Kenya Ports Authority and have a link with the Simba IT system. This creates an opportunity for Sakae TCF Limited to handle goods right from Mombasa Port; and Dar res salaam port in the future.

Implementation of ASYCUDA WORLD in Uganda Revenue Authority has contributed faster clearance of goods from any location, being a web based system.